Where Did Poppy Go

From Parallax Press

After a grandfather dies, a father and son journey forward through seasons and time, discovering how our loved ones remain with us even after they pass on.

From the beloved author of the Anh’s Anger Series comes a touching story of a father comforting his son after a grandfather dies. The lovely rhyme and poetry offers a heartfelt way to discuss loss and grief with a child. We see, along with the little boy of the story, how our loved ones are with us forever, in everything we do.

Beautiful watercolors carry the reader through the seasons as the father describes the cycle of life, and all of the beauty and sadness that comes with it.

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Gail Silver’s wise exploration of grief and loss through the eyes of a father and son will bring a sense of comfort and connection to every family who reads it. Amanda Quartey’s stunning illustrations complement the lyrical language perfectly. Where Did Poppy Go? is a joy to read, and it will undoubtedly create space for parents and children to come together in difficult times. I highly recommend this book to every family

Carla Naumburg, PhD, LICSW Author of Parenting in the Present Moment

“How do we answer little children’s questions about the cycle of life? Gail Silver’s “Where Did Poppy Go?” is the perfect resource for this. In a gentle and comforting way, this book shares the deep wisdom of interbeing with kids. I highly recommend it!”

Hunter Clarke Fields, Author of Raising Good Humans and host of Mindful Mama Podcast

“Gail Silver’s touching Where Did Poppy Go is sure to console both children and adults through difficult losses, as well as inspire reflection even in happy times”

Christopher Willard, Psy.D. — Author of Alphabreaths and Alphabreaths Too!

Booma Booma Boom

From Magination Press

It’s not the thunder that’s so scary, just the way that it arrives.
It comes without a warning, and takes us by surprise.

In lively rhyming text, a courageous boy guides his stuffed animal companions through a thunderstorm using sensory-based mindfulness to navigate his fear and find quiet within the storm. Through this soothing story, children understand that thunderstorms can also bring good things, such as calming rain and water for plants.

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A beautifully written and illustrated guide to self-soothing through life’s inevitable storms.

Chris Willard, author of Alphabreaths

“Gail Silver provides a concrete model of self-talk and soothing action, showing children how to calm themselves. Although the parents are recognized as a support, it is the child that takes control of his fears. The illustrations by Lisa Fields are exquisite and beautiful. As a pediatrician who is quite familiar with young children’s fears, I recommend this excellent book for every young family’s library.”

M. Bidi McSorley, M.D

Mindful Bea And The Worry Tree

From Magination Press

Bea is excited for her birthday until her anxiety interferes…

“What if my friends don’t like the games?”

“What will I do if they call me names?”

Like the fast-growing willow tree in the yard, Bea’s anxiety takes root and keeps growing and growing. She imagines all the worst possible outcomes and doesn’t think she can go through with her party. Using mindfulness techniques, she’s able to manage her anxiety in time to enjoy her party.

Worry is sometimes inevitable, Silver suggests, but learning basic relaxation techniques can go a long way toward empowering readers.

Publishers Weekly

Mindful Bea and the Worry Tree checks all the boxes, for both parents and kids. It’s relatable, engaging, and fun to read out loud–a requirement for a book that is sure to be in heavy rotation! I highly recommend this book for any family dealing with anxiety or stress, which, if we’re honest, is all of us.” ”

Carla Naumburg, PhD, LICSW, author of Ready, Set, Breathe: Practicing Mindfulness with Your Children for Fewer Meltdowns and a More Peaceful Family 

This very sweet and playful book offers children (and parents) deep wisdom for befriending anxiety, or as I like to say “having your feelings without your feelings having you”. With simple, rhyming, humor, the book offers readers of all ages the invaluable skill of breathing through moments of emotional intensity.

Amy Saltzman, MD, author of A Still Quiet Place: A Mindfulness Program for Teaching Children and Adolescents to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions

A beautifully written, empowering book for children. With its whimsical illustrations, lyrical word choices, and clear guidance for parents and caregivers, this book belongs on the bookshelf of all classrooms, homes and pediatric counseling offices.

Lisa Flynn, founder of ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms, author of Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards and Yoga for Children

Children will love how Bea calms her nerves and shifts her anxiety one breath and one thoughtful moment at a time. Parents will love sharing this with their children to open up the conversation about anxiety while also sharing great strategies.

Allison Morgan, Founder of Zensational Kids

“The latest gem from gail silver… normalizes the topic of mental health and lets children know that they are not alone in how they are feeling.”


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The Anh’s Anger Books Trilogy

Teaching Children To Navigate Difficult Emotions

The books in this three part series from Parallax Press teach mindfulness practices to children through imaginative story based fiction. These stories have been recognized by School Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, The New Yorker, and have received acclaim from many others as a “must have” mindfulness books for kids that provide easy to access tools to help children navigate difficult emotions.

“A solid addition for collections in need of picture books on anger management, sibling rivalry, and self-control.”

– School Library Journal

“A Winning Series.”

– Publisher’s Weekly

“The Anh’s Anger books are wonderful gifts for both children and adults who want to learn how to change unhappy situations in joyful ones.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

The Anh’s Anger Books Trilogy

Teaching Children To Navigate Difficult Emotions

The books in this three part series teach mindfulness practices to children through imaginative story based fiction. These stories have been recognized by School Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, The New Yorker, and have received acclaim from many others as a “must have” tool to help children navigate difficult emotions.

“A solid addition for collections in need of picture books on anger management, sibling rivalry, and self-control.”

– School Library Journal

Anh’s Anger

A regular contender on many  “best mindfulness books for kids'” lists, Anh’s Anger engages from its opening pages, providing children and caregivers a concrete practice for dealing with anger and other difficult emotions. In Anh’s Anger, five-year-old Anh gets upset when his grandfather asks him to stop playing and come to the dinner table. When Anh’s feelings escalate into a tantrum, Grandfather helps Anh experience his strong emotions by suggesting that he go to his room and, “sit with his anger.” The story unfolds when Anh comes to know his anger in the first person and works through his feelings with humor and honesty to find a way to constructively release his feelings.


Recipient of The Skipping Stones Honor Award for Multicultural Awareness.

“One of the best books we’ve ever seen on the issue of dealing with anger. This story is simply amazing, healthy, beautiful…a gem.”

– ReachandTeach.com

“Anh’s Anger reminds us that anger is part of all of us and that mindful sitting and breathing can help transform it. Both adults and children will benefit from learning how to change an unhappy situation into a joyful one.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

“This simple yet deeply profound book demonstrates the author’s mastery in explaining these concepts to children and elucidating mindfulness teachings. A storytelling feast.”

– LA Yoga Magazine

“A wonderful lesson in accepting all parts of ourselves.”

– Lion’s Roar

“A wonderful tool to use with children when teaching about mindfulness and strong feelings.”

– Counseling Connections

Steps and Stones: An Anh’s Anger Story

When Anh, an easy to relate to elementary school boy, is left out at recess, his anger shows up to keep him company. Anger, personified as a red, hairy impulsive creature, has some ideas about how to best express himself, but Anh has other ideas,and is able to slow down and take his anger for a peaceful and magically transformative walk.


Nominee for the Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book award.

“In their second collaboration, Silver and Krömer have developed a winning series.”

– Publishers Weekly

“Sure to fill a niche for those tackling potentially thorny social situations, this straightforward and enlightened approach will appeal to many.”

– Kirkus Review

“This is book is an essential resource.  As a school counselor, I rely on books like this to help teach calming down techniques kids will actually use.”

– Books That Heal Kids

5 out of 5
“This story is masterfully told and illustrated.”

– Amazon Reviewer

5 out of 5
“My daughter goes to this book on her own when she’s upset.”

– Amazon Reviewer

Peace, Bugs, and Understanding: An Adventure in Sibling Harmony

It’s not always easy having a sibling. In this third installment of the Anh’s Anger series, Anh is all grown up and is enjoying a picnic with his daughters. Lily, the older of the two, lashes out her younger sister, Ruby who “always ruins everything.” Thanks to some preplanning on Dad’s part, Lily gets absorbed in a wonderful book, the story of her great grandfather’s encounter with a strange looking frog-like creature called Anger. The precious old journal takes us back to the final pages of Anh’s Anger, providing a launch pad for Lily to discover Metta, a technique that has helped people transform anger into kindness for thousands of years.

“A solid addition for collections in need of picture books on anger management, sibling rivalry, and self-control.”

– School Library Journal

“Highly recommended for sharing with young people, and for public library children’s collections.”

– The Midwest Book Review

“A great choice for a delightful and creative story that can open up a discussion on family harmony.”

– Examiner.com

“Metta, a practice so simple a child can do it, is the lesson thoughtfully illustrated in Peace, Bugs and Understanding. Written from the perspective of an older sibling, Peace Bugs and Understanding teaches Metta as a gentle tool for self-calming and a way to share heart-centered caring with others.”

– Spirit of Change Magazine

“An Excellent story within a story.”

– NetGalley Reviewer

A Peaceful Place Inside

A compilation of yoga songs and meditations for children

Written by Yoga Child Founder, Gail Silver and performed together with Yoga Child Staff, A Peaceful Place Inside plays like a greatest hits of Yoga Child’s  magical meditations, and best yoga songs.  Through music and expert instruction, Gail teaches little ones how their bodies and breath can work together to calm a mood, power a train, reach outer space and grow a seed into a flower.   Originally created as a teaching supplement to accompany the Yoga Child Teacher Training program, this compilation has earned some hearty awards and made its way onto some essential kid yoga play lists. Note that this 2006 release has been released in 2019 with a new cover.


Parents Choice Foundation Award.

“This is the first review I’ve ever written, but the Cd a Peaceful Place Inside, is so good and it doesn’t have a review yet, so hear goes :).”

– Amazon.com Review

“Charming and approachable, child advocate and yoga instructor Gail Silver delivers child-friendly instruction for exercise, breathing techniques designed to calm as well as energize and imaginative activities developed to mitigate stress. Gentle suggestions that Moms and Dads can benefit from these exercises are given with a wink and a smile. And Silver’s humor is intelligent; Farm Animal Chants is a respectfully clever riff on the breathing chants of Ohm.”

– The Parents’ Choice Foundation

“My kids, currently 2 and 4, love this CD. We listen to it in the car, where they can do the breathing exercise parts, and my listens to it at home and follows the instructions from beginning to end – it effectively gives him his own yoga practice. I stumbled across this CD at our local library, and the boys loved it so much I ended up buying them a copy of their own.”

– Amazon.com Review

“Yoga Child, A Peaceful Place Inside is a mix of relaxing songs and meditations. Each piece incorporates simple yoga asanas and breathing exercises. As a children’s yoga instructor myself, I was very impressed with this CD. It’s extremely relaxing and uses wonderful imagery to encourage children to get through an entire yoga practice with only auditory cues while allowing them to be silly & have fun at the same time.”

– The Opinionated Parent

“The yoga exercises are simple but effective (actually good for adults, too!), and explained in a way that is very accessible to kids. The songs and spoken instructions/explanations are simple, fun, and lovely, and still bring all the richness yoga has to offer to kids in a way that speaks to them. Fun and relaxing all at once.”

– Amazon.com Review

“Excellent, excellent!”

– Kathy O’Connell, Radio Host of award winning, WXPN’s “Kid’s Corner

Planting Seeds of Mindfulness

Looking for a way to engage your children digitally but mindfully?

Check out the film Planting Seeds of Mindfulness, an animated, live action film based upon the teachings and practices of Thich Nhat Hanh and the plum village community.  Gail was honored to collaborate with the Mindful Cloud team, to spend time with her venerable teachers and to co-write this screenplay with Iulia Jolly Socea. 

Gail Silver

Philadelphia based award-winning children’s book author, founder and director of Yoga Child, Inc. and Founder and CEO of The School Mindfulness, Project Inc.

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