The Family that Meditates Together…

By Gail Silver, Published by Lions Roar, Mindfulness Education and Parenting

I get it. The idea of meditating as a family engenders a dismissive laugh. You can’t even get your kids to hang up their coats or flush the toilet. That’s okay, though. As you flush away something left behind, make way for the fantasy that’s beginning to take shape. You can almost see it… the whole lot of you, sitting together peacefully in the early evening sunlight, breathing in and out.

How To Practice Metta With Children

By Gail Silver, Published by Lions Roar, Mindfulness Education and Parenting

When I returned home after attending my first silent retreat, I was overflowing with loving-kindness and found myself spontaneously reciting certain phrases of the prayer aloud. May you be happy.
May you be safe. May you be strong. May you live with ease.

“Did you just tell me to live with ‘peas’?” my littlest one asked me…

Shhh…Don’t Tell: I’m Going To Get My Period Sometime In The Next Twenty-Eight Days

By Gail Silver, Published by Bust Magazine, Feminism

Some things in life challenge me. Buying tampons does not fall into this category. I’ve bared my breasts while nursing babies, my b*sh while birthing them, and my soul while raising them, so why would I be embarrassed by the arrival of that part of my cycle that empowers my body to have the babies in the first place? The answer is that I wouldn’t be. Yet the woman behind the counter at the drug store….


By Gail Silver

Okay, we’re trying again—to find a way to get our children to do a few little things around the house. Our old system was broken.

Carefree Mom With Swinging Ponytail

By Gail Silver

When I was little, I imagined that I’d be the kind of mom who hopped in and out of her open air Jeep, her long ponytail youthfully bouncing and swaying behind her…

Gail Silver

Philadelphia based award-winning children’s book author, founder and director of Yoga Child, Inc. and Founder and CEO of The School Mindfulness, Project Inc.

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